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Real-time control of final products

February 1, 2017


One of the difficulties in the manufacturing industries is to really know the product quality. There are several approaches on how to enable real-time decisions about which products to keep and which to scrap. 

For 84 years, American health care company Baxter has been guided by a mission to save and sustain lives.  After implementing a real time data analytics approach to their manufacturing, they were able to gain even more confidence in their product quality and reduce the rate of defects.

Lee Hutson presented results at a meeting in Copenhagen showing why Baxter are as confident in their end product quality as they are, and how they implemented a real-time decision system in their production.

  • Real Time Release increases process knowledge & understanding
  • The information age has allowed us access to critical data at low cost
  • Embedded analytics help to make our implementation scalable
  • Dashboards provide operators actionable insight into process
  • Increased knowledge leads to safe, effective products and a better patient outcome


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Topics: Real Time Process Monitoring

Jonas Elfving

Written by Jonas Elfving

Product Manager at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics

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