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Find Out How to Get More Insight from Your OSIsoft PI Data: Meet Us at PI World

September 10, 2019

The key to being able to innovate, improve and streamline your processes often lies in gaining as many insights as you can from a variety data sources scattered throughout your operations. Making sense of all that data can be difficult. But it's not an impossible dream.

With SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online from Umetrics Suite connected to your OSIsoft PI System, your data can provide the type of predictions and understanding that can help you reach new levels of continuous process improvement and efficiency.


OSI World Gothenburg at Gothia Towers


Meet us at OSIsoft PI World

Gothenburg Sweden

You find us in Hall H (Level 2) Booth 09, Gothia Towers

September 16-19, 2019 

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Why use Umetrics Suite with PI?

The PI System from OSIsoft provides the ability to collect and share large amounts of high-fidelity, time-series data from multiple sources.

Accurately identifying how and where to improve operations can be extraordinarily challenging if the data that holds the answers is scattered among different incompatible systems, formats and processes. By collecting your data into the PI System, and then using SIMCA or SIMCA-online from Umetrics Suite to analyze it, you have a way of visualizing and understanding your data in actionable ways.

Both your real-time data and historical data have more value when viewed through the lens of Umetrics Suite.  Without a data analytics tool that can identify opportunities to improve your processes, your data remains mostly a record of past experiences.

Basic statistical process control (SPC) can give you an idea of how your production processes impact the quality of your products, but the real insight comes when you have an easy, intuitive way to look at complex problems and the role that various interactions play. That’s what the Umetrics Suite delivers. Process upsets are often discovered faster when combining univariate signals to a multivariate overview.

Powerful solution for real-time analysis

SIMCA-online is designed to help you understand your process data, whether you want to monitor, predict or to do advanced control based on the end quality predictions.

With SIMCA-online, you can monitor complex assets in real-time, establish limits for both your variables and for their interactions, monitor processes and make sure you stay within your boundaries. You can even predict the future based on past results under the same conditions. And if something gets off track, Control Advisor in SIMCA-online can give you the best options for regaining control and establish the optimal way forward to meet your goals.

What can you do with your data from OSIsoft PI using SIMCA-online?

Using SIMCA-online to monitor and analyze your data from OSIsoft PI in real-time, gives you:

  • “Golden batch” monitoring
  • Root cause investigation
  • Soft sensor of final product quality
  • Forecasts of “what will happen”
  • Ahead of time fault investigations
  • Process improvements
  • Stable production advisor

Top reasons to use SIMCA-online with OSIsoft PI data

  1. Upgrade and improve your production control from basic SPC to multivariate statistical process control (MPSC)

  2. Identify ways to reduce and control operational costs

  3. Act and reduce emissions and energy consumption

  4. Increase production efficiency with predictive maintenance capabilities

  5. Get a better understanding of complex interactions 

Umetrics can help you to assure your manufacturing success and make sure your production performance is optimal.

Complex insights with multivariate data analytics

Most solutions for analyzing time-series data are based on analyzing one set of data parameters at a time (univariate), yet most production processes are actually very complex (multivariate), where the interaction between the different variables and the raw material plays a big part in the final product outcome.

Finding patterns when multiple factors and various interactions are affecting the outcomes is very hard and can be time-consuming using basic (and decades-old) SPC technology. Today’s manufacturing processes require more reliable, faster techniques. Advance Data Analytics with SIMCA and the powerful world of multivariate techniques ensures quicker, more reliable results that are shareable with reports, graphs and visual insight. 

What can you do with your OSIsoft PI data using SIMCA?

  • Get an overview of your data
  • Find the hidden information in your data
  • Quickly do root cause investigations
  • Identify and distinguish critical from non-critical parameters
  • Gain powerful learning from historical data
  • Build models for monitoring and predictions
  • Play with the “What if” functionality

Top reasons to use SIMCA with OSIsoft PI data

  1. Upgrade and improve your analytics capacity from basic UVDA to MVDA

  2. Understand all your data better

  3. One-click root cause analysis

  4. Best and quickest overview of your data

  5. Better understanding of complex interactions and enhanced knowledge capture

Come meet us at OSIsoft PI World in Gothenburg to find out more about how Umetrics Suite and OSIsoft PI can help you get more information from your data.


A couple of examples from previous events

Paper Company Delivers Excellence

For years, a paper company was capturing information from multiple data sources, such as process control systems, online visual inspection systems and quality databases, into a PI System. As the company progressed towards Operational Excellence, their data solution needs moved away from analyzing trends and reviewing data, toward an enterprise solution where operational managers and crews could recognize and address issues in a standardized way. This transformation required a robust and exhaustive approach to data analysis and user acceptance, which Umetrics SIMCA-online delivered. See the presentation here.

Biopharmaceutical Company uses MVDA

What is the best way to aggregate biopharmaceutical batch data and test attributes from disparate data source systems to enable multivariate statistical modeling? This case study from a biopharmaceutical company shows how a comprehensible integration of batch process data with recipe conditions, test results, raw material attributes, and process analytical technology to model the evolution of a batch, including predictive and prescriptive analytics can be achieved. See presentation here.

Meet us at PI World

Come visit us at OSIsoft PI World in Gothenburg to find out more about how Umetrics Suite and OSIsoft PI can help you get more information from your data.

You find us in Hall H (Level 2) Booth 09, Gothia Towers

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Topics: Data Interpretation & Analysis, Statistical Process Control, SIMCA

Johan Hultman

Written by Johan Hultman

Johan Hultman is the Business Development Manager for OEM & Channel Partners at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics with almost 20 years of experience from helping and guiding customers and partners to enable, utilize and embed Advanced Data Analytics. He has worked as a Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Project Leader and Solutions Enabler for projects within phama, biotech, food & beverage, chemical, semicon and many other industries and have sold more software and signed more agreements than any other person within the Umetrics organization.

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