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Active Dashboard: An easy-to-use web based tool that gives you real-time production performance insight

December 14, 2017

All manufacturing industries need good control and good overview of their production processes. As already discussed in a previous blog post, SIMCA-online enables you to apply advanced multivariate data analytics in real time to monitor your production processes, for example to make sure that your production process is behaving as it should or that the quality is what it should be.

Active Dashboard Gives you data visualization of all locations from any desktop, tablet, or mobile

However, you typically need to monitor more than one process, as you often have more than one product line. And you may have production in several factories in several locations in several regions worldwide. This sums up to huge amounts of data that must be monitored and visualized somehow.

In other words, you need a way to summarize the data to get an overview, so you know the overall production performance and so that you can make good decisions. Preferably, you want to monitor real-time data of your production processes. And, you want to be able to do this in a simple way so you don’t have to constantly call your colleagues but can view the information you want directly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Real-time overview of production performance

This is where Active Dashboard comes into the picture. Active Dashboard is a part of the Umetrics Suite of Data Analytics Solutions and has been developed to give you an overview of all your production from a supervisory point of view. Active Dashboard is a web based application, which means that you can look at your production from any computer, tablet, or smartphone by using any modern browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

Data visualization in your web browser

Active Dashboard connects to several data sources to obtain and analyze data using web browsers to view and interact with dashboards. Active Dashboard currently supports SIMCA-online and OSIsoft PI as data sources. Active Dashboard takes information from one or several SIMCA-online installations and the data is then visualized in a web browser of your choice. Active Dashboard gives you the ability to monitor all processing performance, from the highest level, for example production performance globally, down to each location and even each machine or each batch.

Simple set-up

Active Dashboard is a self-service monitoring tool so you don’t need to be an expert to set it up. The Active Directory within your company is used so you log in with your normal credentials. You can limit access to some of the information if you want to. For instance, you can have more limited rights for users and full rights for administrators.

The image below shows what Active Dashboard may look like in your web browser:

Active DAshboard Screenshot.png

In this example, Active Dashboard shows information about batches produced in three locations.

Easy-to-use dashboards with interactive filters

Active Dashboard has interactive filters, which means that if you click on something, all charts that you are looking at will adjust accordingly. As displayed in the image above, if you click on for example Basel (one of the blue dots on the map), all charts will adjust automatically and show you information about your production in Basel. Thus, by clicking on the different charts or dashboards you can get more detailed, or aggregated, information.

A total overview of your data

Active Dashboard is in other words an interactive way to look at data and gives you real-time information about all production issues that may be of interest to monitor. Data can be aggregated very hard to get a broader overview of all your production but you can also drill down to get more detailed information about a certain location or a certain batch. You can view information about warnings and alarms and where they are located and you can look at batches by location, product, quality, asset, and asset type. Active Dashboard is very quick and responsive, irrespective of if you are looking at, for instance, only a few batches or a couple of million batches. You can also drill down all the way to SIMCA-online and to SIMCA if you want to take a look at your production models from Active Dashboard.

To sum up, Active Dashboard gives you:

  • A company wide self-service monitoring tool
  • Summarized production over locations, products, and time
  • Information on product, process, and processing performance
  • Easy-to-use dashboards in a web client interface with interactive filters
  • Authentication through Active Directory

Want to know more?

This is only a short glimpse of all you can do with Active Dashboard to get a better overview of your production and help you make better decisions for your business. To explore more, download the presentation and discover Active Dashboard.

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Jonas Elfving

Written by Jonas Elfving

Product Manager at Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics